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Dataset details

Technique seqFISH
Title Transcriptome-scale super-resolved imaging in tissues by RNA seqFISH+
PMID 30911168
Description SeqFISH+ can image mRNAs for 10,000 genes in single cells-with high accuracy and sub-diffraction-limit resolution-in the cortex, subventricular zone and olfactory bulb of mouse brain, using a standard confocal microscope.
Source Wild-type mice C57BL/6J of post-natal day (P)23 (male) and P40 (male) were used for the cortex and olfactory bulb seqFISH+.
Species mouse
No. genes 10,000 genes
No. cells 913 cortex cells, 2050 olfactory bulb cells
Resolution single molecule
Data normalization -
Data availability RNA-seq data were obtained from GEO accession number GSE98674. RNA SPOTs data were obtained from a previous study. Source data are available at https://github.com/CaiGroup/seqFISH-PLUS.

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