a database for spatially resolved transcriptomes

Dataset details

Technique seqFISH
Title Identification of spatially associated subpopulations by combining scRNAseq and sequentialfluorescence in situ hybridization data
PMID 30371680
Description Seq-FISH combined scRNA-seq was applied to dissect the cell-type- and spatial-domain-associated heterogeneity in the mouse visual cortex region.
Source brain sections (visual cortex region) from C57BL/6 with Ai6Cre-reporter (uncrossed) female mice aged 50-80 days
Species mouse
No. genes 125 genes
No. cells 1597 cells
Resolution single molecule
Data normalization -
Data availability Expression data, spatial coordinates, SVM predictions, HMRF domains, expression box plots categorized by domains and cell types, and interactive visualizations are available at http://spatial.rc.fas.harvard.edu. The scRNA-seq dataset referenced in this study is GSE71585.