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Dataset details

Technique LCM-seq
Title Laser capture microscopy coupled with Smart-seq2 for precise spatial transcriptomic profiling
PMID 27387371
Description This study applied LCM-seq on neurons isolated from mouse tissues, human post-mortem tissues, and illustrate its utility down to single captured cells.
Source spinal cords from five-day-old mouse pups (n=7) (males and females), brains were dissected from 8-week-old female mice (n=3, two different litters), mice (B6 and FVB, wild-type, from Jackson Laboratories stock numbers 004435 and 005052); fresh frozen human post-mortem tissues (spinal cord and brain)
Species human and mouse
No. genes 28776 genes (mouse), 33704 genes (human)
No. cells NA
Resolution cellular
Data normalization FPKM
Data availability GSE76514