a database for spatially resolved transcriptomes


Technique PMID Title Expression SV genes
Spatial transcriptomics 27365449 Visualization and analysis of gene expression in tissue sections by spatial transcriptomics st_27365449.tar.gz st_27365449_SVG.tar.gz
Spatial transcriptomics 29021611 Spatial detection of fetal marker genes expressed at low level in adult human heart tissue st_29021611.tar.gz st_29021611_SVG.tar.gz
Spatial transcriptomics 29925878 Spatial maps of prostate cancer transcriptomes reveal an unexplored landscape of heterogeneity st_29925878.tar.gz st_29925878_SVG.tar.gz
Spatial transcriptomics 30154148 Spatially resolved transcriptomics enables dissection of genetic heterogeneity in stage III cutaneous malignant melanoma st_30154148.tar.gz st_30154148_SVG.tar.gz
Spatial transcriptomics 30948552 Spatiotemporal dynamics of molecular pathology in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis st_30948552.tar.gz -
Slide-seq 30923225 Slide-seq: a scalable technology for measuring genome-wide expression at high spatial resolution slideseq_30923225.tar.gz slideseq_30923225_SVG.tar.gz
LCM-seq 24780627 A gene expression atlas of early craniofacial development lcm_24780627.tar.gz -
LCM-seq 25344199 Topographical transcriptome mapping of the mouse medial ganglionic eminence by spatially resolved RNA-seq lcm_25344199.tar.gz lcm_25344199_SVG.tar.gz
LCM-seq 27387371 Laser capture microscopy coupled with Smart-seq2 for precise spatial transcriptomic profiling lcm_27387371.tar.gz -
LCM-seq 30270040 Spatial reconstruction of single enterocytes uncovers broad zonation along the intestinal villus axis lcm_30270040.tar.gz -
seqFISH 27764670 In situ transcription profiling of single cells reveals spatial organization of cells in the mouse hippocampus seqfish_27764670.tar.gz seqfish_27764670_SVG.tar.gz
seqFISH 30371680 Identification of spatially associated subpopulations by combining scRNAseq and sequential fluorescence in situ hybridization data seqfish_30371680.tar.gz -
seqFISH 30911168 Transcriptome-scale super-resolved imaging in tissues by RNA seqFISH+ seqfish_30911168.tar.gz seqfish_30911168_SVG.tar.gz
MERFISH 30385464 Molecular, spatial, and functional single-cell profiling of the hypothalamic preoptic region merfish_30385464.tar.gz merfish_30385464_SVG.tar.gz
Liver single cell zonation 28166538 Single-cell spatial reconstruction reveals global division of labour in the mammalian liver liverzonation_28166538.tar.gz -
Liver single cell zonation 30222169 Paired-cell sequencing enables spatial gene expression mapping of liver endothelial cells liverzonation_30222169.tar.gz -
Geo-seq 27003939 Spatial Transcriptome for the Molecular Annotation of Lineage Fates and Cell Identity in Mid-gastrula Mouse Embryo geoseq_27003939.tar.gz geoseq_27003939_SVG.tar.gz
Tomo-seq 23028969 Transcriptome tomography for brain analysis in the web-accessible anatomical space tomoseq_23028969.tar.gz -
Tomo-seq 23951250 Sequencing mRNA from cryo-sliced drosophila embryos to determine genome-wide spatial patterns of gene expression tomoseq_23951250.tar.gz -
Tomo-seq 25417113 Genome-wide RNA tomography in the zebrafish embryo tomoseq_25417113.tar.gz -
Tomo-seq 26748692 Spatially resolved genome-wide transcriptional profiling identifies BMP signaling as essential regulator of zebrafish cardiomyocyte regeneration tomoseq_26748692.tar.gz -
Tomo-seq 28724751 Tomo-seq identifies SOX9 as a key regulator of cardiac fibrosis during ischemic injury tomoseq_28724751.tar.gz -
Tomo-seq 29400650 Spatially resolved RNA-sequencing of the embryonic heart identifies a role for Wnt/β-catenin signaling in autonomic control of heart rate tomoseq_29400650.tar.gz -
Tomo-seq 30416013 Spatial transcriptomics of C. elegans males and hermaphrodites identifies sex-specific differences in gene expression patterns tomoseq_30416013.tar.gz -